so the other day Wes Craven tweeted about how everyone wants a 5th Scream film. I just sat there going “no, no, Wes don’t, no, just stop, NO DEAR GO NO SERIOUSLY JUST DONT. JUST FUCK OFF WES DONT FUCKING DO IT YA DAFT GENIUS CUNT BALLSACKS NO JUST NO”. i mean i would still watch it but ugh “Don’t fuck with the original”. The first three Scream’s are the most incredible films ever, i love them so much. The fourth one is okay i guess, it’s just all right  But seriously, why carry on? Just let it be. Don’t carry on and ruin the legacy of the first three. They’re running out of ideas and if Dewey dies in it i will flip the fuck out. Just ugh, no more Scream films!!! Let me enjoy the first three rather than ruining the memory of them by making a 5th just for a few bucks. 


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